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Our School has received the Best Managing Committee Award from Aided School Association in the year 2009-10 and National Suvarna Vidhyashree Rathna Award from World Academy of Science, Humanities, Education & Literature(WASHEL) for the year 2012 for excellence in Environment, Social Work, Education & Health.

Smt.B.S. Girija

Our  late Head Mistress  has received prestigious awards both in state and national levels from Mr. Giani Zail Singh, President  of India.

Mr. Shivaram

Our Physical Education teacher has a series of  awards to his credit—Best Physical Education Teacher at Zonal, Taluk and District level, Kempegowda Award and Best Commander Award etc.

Image by Kanchanara

Our Students

  • Kum. Bhuvaneshwari received the prize from President of India.

  • Kum.Geetha Nandini received the prize from our President Giani Zail Singh

  • Kum.Savitha Murthy bought honour to the school and to the Karnataka State by securing the National Science Seminar I Prize.

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